Opinions and testimonies

My abundance-tribe! The more I learn to know Romain, the more abundant everything gets, to a point I would never have imagined. Feel abundant. Living the abundance. Thank you, blond teacher. 

Valeria Fuster, coach

To be in Romain´s seminar has been a wonderful experience. I recommend it, without doubt, to everyone .. 100% an expert in abundance. Do not miss it! Universe is abundant and incredible! 

Carolina Uche, TV and radio presenter

It is difficult to add something else to what others have shared, in my case, I was surprised when I realized how easy it is to be free from an allergy, It just works! I found in Romain, an honest and focused therapist, as well as someone calmed and opened up at the same time. I was also surprised by how easy the phobia loses his strength and ability to make our daily life uncomfortable. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to say hello to Brigitte who also made a good impression on me.
Thank you very much to both of you. 

Clemente B.

The qualifications and academic training which support Romain as a therapist, are just the tip of the iceberg of the great healer that he is. In just one session you realize, that he is able to see you, he is also able to identify which are the obstacles in your way. He is able to help you and rally around, you to make you take part on the adventure of your own healing. It is not a miracle, neither are false promises. It is just that you see yourself so exposed to love and light, that you can’t avoid feeling inspired.
Finca Vikara is a love oasis, in the desert of the current times. It is a shelter where your own language is spoken, where you reconnect with nature, which vibrates inside and outside yourself. There is something on that place that makes you feel at home, even if it is the first time that you visit it.

Belinda Hernández

It was truly amazing to take part on the “Phobias and Allergies” seminar. I’m glad to know that I have met Romain and that he has given me the chance to share his knowledge. He is full of energy, peace and respect, all which is difficult to find. He is such a character.

Mari Carmen Chico Padrón

I had garlic allergy, I couldn’t eat anything that contained a bit of garlic. Although I love the taste of it! After one session of Tapping with Romain, the allergy vanished; now I eat garlic normally.

Brigitte Appel

I used to have a very strong allergy to cat hair, one session was enough and I could rub the hairs all around my face with no reaction at all. 

Walter Hommelsheim

It´s incredible! Wonders start to happen, just as I entered this abundance synergy … they offered me a job in health-care centres to do exactly that what I feel true passion for! Share experiences with women how to get into their true power during pregnancy!! yiiihaaa, celebration!! hahaha, thank you, thank you, thank you 

Elsa Marrero (Coach)

I feel the same, from the moment Romain and his teachings entered my life, each step is filled with emotional and economic abundance; just joy! so it may be today and always!! 🙂 thanks, thanks, thanks! 

Teresa, real state agent and yoga practitioner

Thank you Romain for the day yesterday, I got out with lots of thought and was moved, but with a huge energy!!! During the night everything got calm. Thanx for that huge amount of energy and, it was not normal. Thanks, thanks, thanks … :)))  


I would like to thank you.
Those three sessions that we have had, have been very important to me. All of them have been shocking, but the joy and lightness that the last session left on me, are wonderful. I also want to thank you for your empathy and your steady smoothness when you work. I hope to finish soon with this process and enter in a whole new and sweet period of my life.

Sabina Roleff

I was not able to fly, they had to almost tie me up to the chair if I was to catch a flight, it was awful, in a 20 minutes session with Romain I lost this fear to flight and I even laugh now when I feel turbulences on the plane.

Belinda Camacho

I took part on Liebs’ allergies seminar and right afterwards I treated my boyfriend who used to have chronic allergy to dust, Kleenex tissues use to invade our home. From a specific time during the afternoon on, he could not stop sneezing. In just one session, there was no need on buying tissues again. The allergy completely vanished; I will use this method on my work. 

B. García

I was very afraid of the sea, especially of the deep parts of it. That fear prevent me to carry out any activity related to the sea. It used to be a great handicap. After several sessions I could fulfill my dream, taking part in a windsurf class. I even found myself once adrift and I stayed calmed. 

Raquel Almansa

Last weekend I took part on a seminar with Romain, about allergies and phobias. Apart from the priceless knowledge that I have acquired, the wonderful atmosphere of the group, and the generosity and light that I have received, I also CAN EAT CHOCOLATE. My allergy is gone. Thank you! 

Ana Lemos Díaz