Therapeutic training

Liebs started to study budhist meditation techniques at the age of 19. Auto-didactically he begun learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which he expanded with Guillermo Peña and Robert Smith.

With Johnny Grimstahl he studied Kinesiolgy (complete academic training + advanced) and made 2 of the 3 Reiki-levels.

With Goupi in Auroville he studied the relations between body and soul and made a scholarship as masage-therapist.

He got deeper in meditation with Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) and Shunyamurti, who supervised him in tranformational processes and emotional liberation techniques.

He continued studying auto-didactically and creating new techniques in NLP and meditation. He made a complete scholarship in Biomagnetism with Grimstahl, who has improved this method in many aspects.

He carried out two ZEN-levels with Suzanne Powell.

His impulse in investigating modern and eficient techniques led him to the Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman) and the TRansformation Therapy by Robert Betz. He studied the basic PSYCH-K® scholarship and is developing it with own techniques and elements of the advanced scholarship.

He is studying psychology to make the oficial german state exam called Heilpraktiker Psychotherapeut, which guarantees the clicnical knowledge and risks, and also main notions of the most common psychological streams, such as the Cognitive Conductual Psychology, Psychoanalysis and spoken therapy (Rogers).